This Isn't Your Average Hemp Farm in Hotchkiss, CO

Black Canyon Organics is sowing the seeds of success

Picture rows and rows of hemp growing against the backdrop of majestic Colorado mountains. That's what you'll find at Black Canyon Organics LLC. Since February 2020, we've been working hard to turn a 10-acre swath of land into a successful hemp farm in Hotchkiss, CO.

We'd be glad to take you on a hemp farm tour - call 757-401-0969 now to make an appointment.

Our hemp is grown from the seed

Our hemp is grown from the seed

Although cloning plants is a quick way to grow hemp, farmers run the risk of transferring diseases from the mother plants. At our hemp farm, we cultivate our crops from seeds to ensure that our plants…

  • Grow healthy and strong
  • Produce the finest hemp products
  • Produce seeds that can be stored for a long time

Want to see our hemp cultivation process in person? Contact us today to request a hemp farm tour in Hotchkiss, CO.