Purchase the Finest Smokable Flower in Hotchkiss, CO

We're not just blowing smoke - find out why our products are top-quality

Have your customers been asking about smokable hemp? You can now stock your shelves with smokable flower from Black Canyon Organics LLC in Hotchkiss, CO. Our products are among the best on the market because they’re grown on an organic farm that has never been sprayed with pesticides.

We can provide the products your customers need to…

  • Smoke without getting high
  • Enjoy the benefits of hemp
  • Quit smoking cigarettes

Although we prefer selling our smokable flower under the Black Canyon Organics brand, we can do private labeling. Contact us today for details.

No need to roll your own joints

No need to roll your own joints

We can save you the trouble by providing you with 1/8th ounce, gram, and other pre-rolled joints sizes. Pricing is based on the ounce, so let us know how much hemp you want to purchase.

Contact us today to order pre-rolled joints for your dispensary in the Hotchkiss, CO area.